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Rekordbox lost settings

Hi all !

Rekordbox has always been fine for me, never encountered any issues, until today: I open Rekordbox as usual, but this time it's the default settings that show up in terms of display, color of waveform, fontsize etc.. and also these 4 default files (HORN, SIREN, SINEWAVE, NOISE) appeared in my collection. The content of collection/playlists etc. is still here as expected.

I've been using the version I have now since it was released, and nothing really changed in my computer, so it's intriguing why this happened. Does anyone know why? and how to fix it ?


Version: 6.4.1

OS: Windows 10


Thanks a lot,


Jalal Ramdani Answered

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My speculation would be that rekordbox didn't close properly and the settings file was damaged, so when it launched again it created a new one from scratch.

You are using an outdated version (we're now at 6.5.0), so there's always a chance there was a glitch in 6.4.1 which has since been corrected.

I'd suggest that you update, re-adjust your settings (or revert to a backup if you have that enabled), and if it happens again, file an inquiry ticket here and our support team can troubleshoot further.

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thanks for the prompt reply.


"Revert to a backup" means a settings backup?


What is the file where those settings I mentionned are saved? is it rekordbox3.settings?

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A backup would only be applicable if you're using some kind of system like Time Machine or another backup software.

Yes, it would be the rekordbox3.settings file.

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