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Rekordbox + Big Sur / Apple M1 No DVS Signal

Hello I have the problem that I don’t get any dvs signal in my rekordbox. My setup: Mac Book Pro M1/16gb/ latest Big Sur update, DDj 1000 + 2 x Plx 1000, dvs subscription.
All decks are in relative mode already, dvs is enabled (license activated). I don’t know why rb don’t get any signal in the dvs unit. 

without the dvs /turntables the DDj 1000 works great after the last driver update for Big Sur. 
Do you have a solution for my problem?

ps: with the same configuration, dvs is working on my windows device 


Marcel Priegnitz

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Have you checked that rekordbox has access to the mic in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Mic ?

That controls the audio input, if you haven't given it access, the timecode will not work.

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