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Edit Traffic Light Settings


Is there a way to edit the traffic light feature settings to highlight more keys that are compatible with the current song? More specifically such that it includes the dominant/subdominant key of the relative major/minor. 

For example if we are in C major, songs in F and G are suggested. But their relative minors share the same notes (Dm and Em respectively) and are not suggested. It would be very helpful if we were able to include these as suggestions as well. Is there a way to edit this in the settings?


Justin Cheng

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100% Agree. My #1 biggest request is for Rekordbox to expand their AWESOME "traffic light" system.  Right now, only the Camelot method songs are highlighted in green.  I would love to see an option that lists songs outside the Camelot method, but still work harmonically highlighted in yellow.  For example, I believe if you move up or down 7 keys, it is the same as moving one octave.  Mixing songs separated by an octave will still probably mix together harmonically fine (although it may change the mood/vibe, which is why I would highlight in yellow.)

Kevin Sawyer 1 vote
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