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Rekordbox activation problem

Hi. Last year I purchased DDJ400 (new from dealer), installed and activated rekordbox. A month ago there was a problem with windows in my PC, so I had to reinstall it so as rekordbox. After that I can't activate rekordbox, log in is ok, but wnen I tap license key I see an error 19 (the license key you entered is beung used for another rekordbox account. One license key cannot be used for more than one rekordbox account). I have got only one account. What I do wrong? Thanks for an answer

Klim Kovalenko

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Hey Klim,

Sounds like you've tried to activate the license key with the wrong email address. Did you possibly use a different address before? Try logging-in at rekordbox.com, click to your account at the top right, then check the licenses (or click here for a direct link). If that address has no keys registered, try logging in with another email address.

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