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Rotary Mixer through DJM V10?

Quick question.

3 Mixers (DJM V10, Denon X1850 and MasterSounds Radius 2).

DJM and 1850 both have soundcards with USB out, Raduis Rotary does not.

Could you run from the XLR Outs on the Radius to the Line RCA's on the DJM or 1850 channels and Stream Audio from the Raduis out through the DJM/1850 USB that way?

Would there be any difference running the Radius through a separate Audio Interface like a Focusrite or would using the Soundcard already built into the DJM/1850 do the same job?

James Taylor

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You could run into a V10, but I really think using a dedicated soundcard like a Focusrite may yield better results.  I know the record out on the Radius 2 is -6dBu so inputting would work as a line in.

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