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DJM-S11 - FX react to beat division changes even if the FX paddle is set to OFF

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set an Echo for 4 beats for example
  2. Turn the wet / dry knob all the way to the right to maximise the length of the effect
  3. Play a track on either deck and enable the Echo
  4. Once you can hear the Echo going turn the FX paddle to OFF
  5. While the FX paddle is OFF but the Echo still audible change the Echo beat division to something else from the previous setting
  6. Monitor the Echo


  1. The Echo will adjust to the new beat division setting even though the FX on / off paddle is set to OFF.

Expected Results:

  1. On the DJM-S9 the Echo would not change to a different beat division value unless the FX on / off paddle was ON.


DJM-S11 - Firmware 1.03

Shemer Mann

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