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*Minor Color Issue* Ridgeyard 7R 230W Beam Moving Head (Beam Light)

Hey Atlabase and Pioneer! Hope all is well! You guys have been amazing in helping me get my Ridgeyard Moving Head straightened out and now that the strobe is fixed there is only one more thing left to fix.

The color is stuck on white and does not change colors

The GOBO is also stuck on some random GOBO rather than a simple beam.

I am aware that in your fixture library it is set to gradual rather than snap which I believe is correct. Attached to this post, I have added a screenshot of my DMX values that I have recorded myself for the color wheel.

It is instrumental for me to have this fixed by May 1st. Thank you for being patient with me.

Lord Nikita Huttenlocher Answered

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Hello Lord Nikita,

Thank you for the fixture request. Please understand GOBO has not been supported in the rekordbox lighting software. Please see the Forum post below. Unfortunately, Gobo and some other lighting functions cannot be used in the current version of rekordbox lighting. 


  • Only specific DMX lighting fixture features – such as the dimmer, strobe, color and moving head (PAN/TILT) – can be controlled with Lighting mode.
  • Fixtures with other features, may not work as expected.
  • Features such as gobo, along with some effect lights, lasers, fog machines and all-in-one lighting systems, aren't supported.

Sorry for not meeting your expectations and thank you for your kind understanding. 

Pioneer DJ Support

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Hi, you keep calling this fixture 7R 230W Beam Moving Head, while we have made clear that there are two similar fixtures under the same manufacturer. The one is called "7R Beam230" and it is not the one we have all these discussions, and the other one "Beam Light" which is the one you are using. Using approximate names can confuse you, us and possibly other users discussing about it. 
In a previous message we received a document which describes slightly differently how color wheel details are.
Now you are sending a 4th or 5th different document regarding the same wheel.
Unfortunately we cannot go on editing the fixture in every new message. 

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

Pavlos Mavridis - AtlaBase 0 votes
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The color details I just provided you were tested by me within a DMX program and are verified working for the fixture, Beam Light under the Ridgeyard brand. It is imperative that these are fixed in this library update as I am using my lights this weekend and I do not have a second set of moving heads I can use. Please help me rectify this issue as soon as possible. As for the gobo I just want it set to a Beam. I did not have to do any programming within Free Styler for the gobo.

Lord Nikita Huttenlocher 0 votes
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