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4 x XDJ 1000 mk2 and 2 x DDJ SP1

HI, i have successfully tried connecting 2 xdj 1000 mk2 to 1 DDJ SP1 as stand alone mode, and all 4 XDJs are LAN linked

Everything works fine until when i tried to connect 2 x DDJ SP1 to rekordbox 6 and RB only allowed me to use 1 SP1 only, is there a way to run DUAL SP1 on RB simultaneously?

See attached photo for reference 

Cosmic K

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Love the setup - looks like you keep yourself busy during the mix. :)

Two identical sub-controllers can't be used at the same time by default.

You may be able to do it with a MIDI translator (like Bome, following the instructions here to remap one of the units to another channel), however I haven't tested this myself and I'm not sure if rekordbox would see that as a second device or two copies of the same.

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thanks! i will try it out, will feedback again the status of using the MIDI translator

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