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Rekordbox Link - E-8302: Player Error (C611)

Pulling my hair out over this. I had finally got my setup all working with link and now it's falling apart again with a new error. My Setup

 - Windows 10 PC with 2 eth ports
 - Rekordbox 6.5.1 in Export mode
 - Music library Stored on NAS, mapped network drive to Windows PC
 - Music from NAS plays fine within Rekordbox itself
 - No Junction/Symlinks at all as I already removed them in case there was an issue
 - 2x CDJ2000 (non nxs) and 1x DJM900NXS

Ethernet 1 links my PC to the internet and the NAS
Ethernet 2 connects to a switch with all my DJ Gear
Both networks are configured to private networks in Windows

Pro Link enables fine and I can see my CDJs and mixer appear in RB. On the CDJs I can browse my Rekordbox library fine.
When I try to load a track (either by dragging in RB or selecting on the CDJ) I get the E-8302: Player Error (C611) mentioned in the title. Through some trial and error I establish that this error only occurs when trying to play files from the mapped network drive. If I load a music file on my C drive into Rekordbox it plays over link fine.

So at this point I know the CDJ can't seem to read the file from the mapped network drive, what I don't know is why, as it did work previously and I can't think of what changed.

I've tried completely disabling the windows firewall (no other AV/Firewalls are in use) along with triple checking all my firewall exceptions for the various Rekordbox files are correct.

Grant Derepas

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Hey Grant,

Unfortunately NAS storage drives are not officially supported (only directly connected devices to either the computer for rekordbox link, or to the players). Sorry!

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I'm sure I read reading your responses on previous threads that mapped network drives should work fine.

Can you at least provide me with details on what specifically the E-8302: Player Error (C611) error refers to so I can try and troubleshoot this myself?

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Sorry, but "should work" and "officially supported" are two different things, and it could simply come down to the type of NAS device used.

The C611 error refers to the fact it can't access the target resource; the requested file is not being sent over the network.

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I wouldn't have thought the NAS could be the issue as it did work initially. I had this setup working for a small period initially (Worked for 2x 1-2hr mixes).  

Based on your description of the C611 error it sounded more like a networking issue where the CDJ can't access the other local network on the other ethernet port to reach the mapped network drive. That doesn't appear to be the case though as I've now tried putting the CDJs onto the main network to rule that out and it still gets the same error.

As a sanity check, I also tried a fresh Rekordbox install (moved my AppData files so Rekordbox would create fresh ones) to make sure there wasn't some corrupt Rekordbox Database or anything like that and that also had no effect, importing the files into a fresh install still results in them working fine in RB but giving the C611 error when trying to load them on the CDJs

I'm really at a bit of a loss here as it did work twice for me initially and I've got no idea why it stopped working. The NAS is an UnRAID server so it's not like it's some wild proprietary off the shelf NAS with weird protocols or anything like that. It's just a super simple SMB share mapped as a network drive. 

Any further insight that might let me troubleshoot further would be appreciated

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