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WeDJ bug report


I'm having a weired issue

The split output function don't work...

I'm sure i've connected everything right : i'm using the split cable that's coming with the DDJ-200, desactivated mono output in my accessibility settings, and activated split output in the app settings.

But in the monitor headphones and the speakers i'm still only have the same master output.

The split cable works great with other apps as Djay for exemple. It's just that i don't find any way  too make it work with weDJ (and i've test pretty everything such as reinstall app, reboot, test any configuration possible etc etc...)

I'm using an iphone 11 (last iOS) with the official lightening to minijack adapter and official pioneer dj cable.

Something else :

I've got some suggestions that i think it can be really really great to implement in your next update. Actually every bad notes on the apple store are telling this : You should implement Spotify Deezer (and maybe why not youtube music..?)

Also, it is impossible to acces to a USB key connected to the iphone... For djays that are carying usb sticks all the time, that should be a really good feature..! (that already exist in other apps like DJay, using the "file" system)

Also, and actually that is so weired that it isn't possible now... but there is no rekordbox compatibility...!! For those using the rekorbox cloud using creative, it is so frustrating that we cannot access to our library..!!

All other aspects of the app are great..! it is super cool to have a pioneer DJing app really, and the DDJ-200 are great, i'm using 10 of these in my Djing school. With these corrections i can assure you that the rating of your app will go up on the app store, and that a lot of people will using it. That's not the case right now just because of this littles mistakes (not having a rekordbox, spotify, deezer and usb key access)

Thanks by advance, and i really hope you'll work on these issues...

For the bug report don't hesitate to ask me more information of my setup.. I'll be glad to help.

J-d Wesh

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