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Suggestions for browser

1. Ability create our personal columns and choose type of them (text, numbers, symbols) This can be done with side personal tags if you divide each section into separate columns. I also think you can go beyond 4 sections.

2. Beatsync for the player preview and activation beatjump for fast choose track is headphones

You can update the firmware for controllers, where clicking on the center of the browser knob will activate the player preview and turning left to right will work as a beatjump with the selected step in the settings. of course, need to sync the preview player with the master deck.
3. Add darkening of the track line in the browser if it was played in the current session for better contrast
4. Improve Smartplaylist adding AND/OR for every columns. (I want yellow AND red tracks(the first column) and house tech OR house deep tech(the second column)
5. New Perfomance Playlist (more flexible than usually playlist)

Why did I want to make a Performance playlist? Because a regular playlist does not have:
- Dividing lines
- Ability to split the mix into parts
- Take notes that are independent of tracks
- See the time of different parts of the mix and the whole mix in a mixed state

This Performance Playlist is flexible and more advanced than a simple playlist.

The task of a regular playlist is to store music.
The task of the Performance Playlist is to play music

Performance playlists can be customized for each club, venue or mix separately.
Features of Performance Playlist
DJ will can see the time of:

- each part

- time track in mixing state

- and also the time of the whole mix

The time should be counted in the mixed state. How to do it? Do this function for Memory Cue ("Memory Cue in" "Memory Cue out") and start/end track will be count from these cues. It is function also can be realease for hot cues

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I want to add explanations to the first point.

I think, in general, if we count the criteria that a DJ might want to mark in the tracks, that's about 25 criteria. Many criteria are not present in the DJ programs or each DJ has its own ways of organizing. So it would be nice to have columns like this where the DJ can assign a name and type to each of them. I have a few criteria that I mark tracks from 1 to 10, or there are fields like this where I have about 10 different names. It would be cool if it worked as a color or genre selection from a drop-down menu.

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Have you looked at the MyTag feature? It's pretty much that; you can add criteria to a track (4 categories of 50 tags each - fully custom), then you can use that in the MyTag filtering.

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I understand what you mean, if I clarify my request, then I'm not talking about the number of parameters. Also, there is no problem if I use smart playlists together with 4 categories. I mean, I don't like how 4 categories are displayed in the browser (in one column) - this makes them inconvenient to display in the browser. If you divide them in the browser into 4 separate columns with possible choose (like color, genre), it will be much better.

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