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Squid rythmic control reset bug

I was messing around with Rythmic controls and looping one section in middle of sequence (rythmic control hold) and noticed that if you have fixed lenght selected then it will reset to the first step after the fixed lenght period but will keep looping. looping rom 6 to 8 for example so it will reset to step 1

I think that the rythmic control priority should be higher that the fixed lenght. Same happens when you stop and start the sequencer.

Also it would be nice to set the starting position of the looping section - shift + 1/4 + pad

Groove bend slider and swing knob could be mapped to other parameters. I rarely use them as they are now. Would use it for gate length change much more often for example.



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while rythmic control is in hold mode, then just pressing the copy+paste/delete combo will reset the hold function. 

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