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Latest Rekordbox 6.5 Video not stable with M1 Big Sur on DDJ RZX

Related to my other Posts I switched from Windows to Mac by using the latest Mac Mini M1, 16 GB RAM (OS Big Sur).

The system has all latest Big Sur Patches applied (Rekordbox as well, as the RZX-Firmware and the RZX-Mac drivers with all those necessary steps to enable them by reducing the OS security level).

The good News first: All my expectations fullfilled! Even not optimized for Arm based CPUs (running on Rosetta 2) it is uncomparable faster than a mobile Power Laptop with a fast nVidia GPU. The delay in applying effects is minimal and scratching videos is also fast (not perfect but almost). The CPU workload is low and half of the RAM remains untouched.

It felt like a dream - BUT: after a few minutes of intense VJ-Mixing the system struggles.

-The Video-Signal on one channel stopped for a moment
-Afterwards the DDJ-RZX-Controller views started to behave strange by resetting their view (by returning to Audio Mode)

...and finally: The system went out of control and I had to restart Rekordbox.

I tried to play with video quality and GPU settings but sooner rather than later the "endgame" starts again.

I will try to play with other settings (ms) but since this Mac was only purchased for and is only hosting Rekordbox Video for VJing purposes. If it doesn't work for me where else?

Bruce Ballis Answered

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We're aware that the 6.5.0 release of rekordbox works on Big Sur, but the upcoming 6.5.1 release will be the officially compatible version. Please check again after that update and if you still experience these same issues, please let us know. Thanks!

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