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"the file is already in the collection" - BUT IT IS NOT!! Recordbox 5.8.5

I changed external SSDs. 

I did FILE/Display all missing files

Then: Relocate and out of 27000 files 23000 were found. Sadly many of my "most played" files could not be found.

One example:

The Track "Love & Pride" at the top is located on the old SSD named "My Passport" (if I connect this SSD, Recordbox will play the track).

If I only connect the new SSD "SD EXT SSD" then the track is not re

The difference between the tracks is that the old file path and track (which is still available on the new SSD) has HOT CUES which the other newly recognized tracks don't have.

About 4.000 such tracks are still MISSING, although they are available on the "SD EXT SSD". 


Nothing has helped so far.

Please help

Michael Gregory

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It's already in the collection, so you can't relocate it.

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