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Deck keep slowly running out of sync

Hi, I have a DDJ-1000 running Rekordbox on a i-7 10th gen 16gb ram windows 10. Occasionally whilst mixing tracks that are beat gridded up perfectly and set to the same bpm, the right deck slowly moves out of sync like the track is slowing down or as if I am slowly reversing the platter.
adrian coldrick

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I have the same issue with the DDJ-1000, have tried numerous things, found out by manual beat tapping that one of the decks shows the incorrect BPM.

For example, I Beat Sync them to the exact same BPM, say 125, but they will drift out of sync when Beat Sync is deactivated, however when put at 123 and 125 they do stay in perfect sync.

Have gotten in contact with Pioneer DJ Support almost two weeks ago now, they have been looking into it and not given an update for a week nog. Provided screen footage and lengtht despcription but it seems they do not have a fix for this, I am hoping to hear from them soon as it is really frustrating.

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