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I've heard the microphones sound weird with the 800. Can owners of this controller chime in? I have gone back & forth between Rekordbox & Serato and I'm seriously looking at RB and the DDJ-800. I don't need 4 channels, so the 800 seems like a good choice. I just want to make sure the mics sound good. I notice it has attenuator knobs on the back. What level do you keep those at? Thanks for any input!

Mike Sinclair

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hello i bought ddj 800 and i have the following problem,
it does not depend on being working for 1 hour or 10 minutes, it is at any time, all the lights go out and it stops playing, also the pc stops and the audio is stuck, only the QUANTIZE light on the right side stays on, to return to to work, I must disconnect the electrical energy of the controller and it returns to take its functions,
I formatted the pc 2 times thinking it was a virus, and the controller already installed the latest firmware from pioneer.
what could it be, any help
Thank you



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