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SQUID receive pattern changes (bank/preset) + add 4 pages of patterns (8 in total, 128 patterns)

I'm having my squid for a while but only the last few days jumped on it and wow, what a nice machine to play live with melodies, that's the main reason why i use it, no drum programming.
I always used a digitakt in my live setup to sequence my synths but i really would like to switch over to the squid for live performance.
The only downfall is that the squid apparently don't receive pattern changes...???
Now i work like this: everytime I switch a drum pattern on the Analog Rytm the digitakt automatically follows the pattern so all my melodies match my right drum patterns. If this was possible on the squid the digitakt would be of no use anymore for me.
Also, now there are 4 pages of 16 patterns per project, but the elektrons have 8 pages (A-H) of 16 patterns so perfect would be if they add another 4 pages, a total of 8.
Could this be possible? i guess so
Remy Dupon

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