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fix LED Flat Par 7x18W RGBWA+UV Light(10 Chanel, 10 chs)

the device is on the list, but all channels do not work. Some are marked with an (*2).

Ch005: White (*2)
Ch006: Amber (*2)
Ch007: Violet (*2)
Ch009: Auto Mode (*2)
Ch010: Speed (*2)

Manufacturer - shehds
A link to the product website (not a retailer page please!) - https://www.shehds.com/
Model Name / Number - LED Flat Par 7x18W RGBWA+UV Light(10 Chanel, 10 chs)
A link to the product manual - https://www.shehds.com/u_file/2005/file/b01e72a1b3.pdf

Денис Осташов Not planned

Official comment


Unfortunately, only DIMMER, RED, GREEN and BLUE can be controlled in this fixture.

As you can see the channels with (*2) in the rekordbox library screen, no other colors than RGB is supported currently.

Also, please see the FAQ from the link below, too.


Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Pioneer DJ Support

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