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iPad Pro/Larger iPad IOS Rekordbox Ideas

Hi Guy's

Just an idea, how about allowing the change of resolution of Rekordbox iOS so it fits on iPad's in full screen mode? Although you can make it bigger, it does not look as good as it could on larger iPads. You may need to change the layout a bit but I think it would be a big help to commercial djs who don't want to use a laptop or find the screens on the NXS2 or XDJ Xz/Rx controllers too restricting due to size.

I just want to use it as a portable storage device with pro-link and not to actually dj from so to have a way of exporting to rekordbox iOS via Usb instead of wireless would be much better too. 


Stevie Tee

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Hey Stevie,

It's on our application team's radar, but they made it as a universal app so they didn't fragment the development. Hopefully we'll see better iPad support in future.

Thanks for your feedback.

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