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Lighting mode / RB-DMX1 - UV deactivation? Lights pulse in time to beat?


Today I took delivery of the RB-DMX1 and have linked it with 2x Eurolite LED TL-4 RGB+UV Trusslights and 1x ADJ Pocket Pro moving head.

Firstly - this setup is for home use/practice in a fairly small room - due to space the light units are close to my DJ setup where all walls are white (very reflective). Is it possible to deactivate the UV aspect of these lights as I am concerned for exposure being close to the units for long periods of time. I have limited the movement of the moving head on rekordbox, to prevent the spotlight shining directly at me, and the trusslights are angled away, but there is lots of reflection from the white walls.

Secondly - I would like the two trusslights to pulse in time with the music - I have phase analysed several tracks and tried loading different light effects over with the default light show generated by rekordbox, but despite trying many many options, none of them seem to result in lights simply pulsing along in time to the beat/bass - they more just fade in and out etc.? Can anyone help? Would it help to tag these lights as something other than trusslights? On that note - I couldn't find the TL-4 in the fixture list - I have posted a request to add them, but in the meamtime selecting the TL-3 on the software (identical channel list) seems to work just the same.

Finally, is there a way to set dimmer to a preset? Every time I return to performance mode it seems to have reset to full bright?

Thanks for you time and help - much appreciated.

Patrick Brailey

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