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Rekordbox Acapella Analysis

Dear Community,

I have a question concerning vocal analasys. I like to use acapellas on top of other tracks and for that I need to tracks to be with a warped beat grid (and I'm not talking about the red indicator being on the first beat). Some have it set perfectly, while with other acapellas the rekordbox software doesn't analyse correctly. If I would try and mix in one of these acapellas, I would have to constantly adjust (beatmatch), back and forth etc.

Take for example: Dave Armstrong - Make Your Move

When I analyse the acapella with recordbox it tells me that the Bpm is 168.13 and of course it is not true and its not warped, beat lenght set incorrectly. 

Then I go and google the bpm of the original song and it says 128 BPM. Now I know that I can mix in a track that is 128 BPM aswell (which is rather fast) and it works perfectly (while the bpm of the acapella is still on 168.13)

The problem is that I will never be able to play this acapella with slower tracks (124 bpm for example).

I even put the acapella into ableton, selected 115 bpm and exported the file --> rekordbox still analyses the wrong bpm and grid

Do you guys have any solution for this dumb beat grid and bpm analysis?


Best regards,



Eric Reutener Answered

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The best thing to do is enable the metronome, find the first "beat" of the accapella, drop the red and white grid marker position there, then make adjustments using the << and >> buttons until the click of the metronome is in time with the audio. Go back and listen to it a couple of times to get it bang-on.

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