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X3 CDJ-3000-W + DJM-900NXS2-W Stacked waveform issue.

Hi Pulse, hope you're doing good,

I just wanted to inform that I'm having an issue with my brand new players:

The waveforms on the screen need to be slightly off from each other to get a proper beat match , I always use my ears as a reference, and I don't like to use Sync, but this issue is kind of annoying.

I know it's been reported already, and you ( the person responding to this post ) might be tired of reading the same complain again, but I would really appreciate if you could send our concerns to the team in charge of developing the updates.

I made a big investment on this set and the least I expect is a proper performance every time I power them up.

Thanks in advanced for your help on this matter.




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