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Problem when 2 drivers are installed on the same mac M1 (DDJ-1000 and XDJ XZ)

I have 2 controllers (DDJ 1000 and XDJ XZ) and a macbook pro M1 with BigSur.
When I install the 2 drivers dedicated to BigSur on my mac, everything works except the screens of my DDJ 1000, there is no audio drivers written on the 2 screens of the DDJ 1000.
I do not connect the 2 controllers at the same time. I did the necessary when starting my mac to install the drivers correctly. I tried to install the DDJ 1000 drivers first, then I did the opposite. Each time I don't have a screen on my DDJ 1000. Everything else works fine on the DDJ 1000.
As soon as I uninstall the XDJ XZ drivers, the DDJ 1000 screens work again.
Can you help me please ?
Thank you.

Benoit Levert

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