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Grid Adjust

Hi there, 

I have an original DDJ-SZ and use the Grid Adjust feature all the time to clear and reset the grid, to fix when they are off on the placement. Most of the time the 1 of the grid is not the 1 beat of the track and this is a simple solution I've come to depend on...

I noticed that this is not a standard option on any of the current hardware controllers (the DDJ-SR2 has it). I've seen you can "slide" the grid to adjust the bpm, but that's now what I want to do. The bpm is auto-sensed correctly, but it's not placed at actual starting point of the track. I "Reset" the placement of the grid, not slide to adjust the actual bpm. 

Is this a feature that will be returned? Is there an SZ3 in the works? 

Zachary Hollenbeak

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There is the SZ2, but as it is already out of production, I believe that there will be no more updates from Pioneer for this equipment. It will continue with the new line DDJ-200, 400, FLX6, 800 and 1000/1000SRT range.
DDJ-SZ uses Serato and this is terrible for detecting BPM and fitting the grid to the music, especially if the music is not EDM. I've been using Serato for 12 years and it's been the same problem since then.

Tip: turn off the grid and orient yourself by the waveform's peaks. It is much better. Grid just gets in the way. But doing that you lose the SmartSync, Quantize, Beat Jump and some features of the Pad that depend on the grid to work. Take a test.

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