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[Solved] DDJ-RB - PC Master Out lags/ doesnt work (even with big buffer),


this is a solution but I'll tell you the problems I had, maybe you have a similar issue:
I did a fresh install of rekordbox, fresh drivers etc. (like in other posts mentionend: troubleshooting_001_e_v014.pdf (pioneerdj.com))
When I wanted the DDJ-RB-ASIO to output to my pc speakers, it wanted a bigger buffer. I increased it to the max. Now i had audio, but still, the audio was laggy, it was complettely broken.
I wondered if it was any kind of USB-power issue, but it wasn't.
I had the DDJ-RBB  Audio devices listed as non-standard (as it should be)

I felt like something was broken.
Maybe you experienced the same.

My Solution::
Your Audio-Out Device should have the same audio settings as the DDJ-RB (44100Hz).
So I set my speaker to that and voila: it works with a buffer size of like 300-ish

Valentin Ehrhardt

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