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DDJ-1000 icw RMX-1000 => recording possible ?

Hey everyone,

I've been DJ'ing for roughly 24 years now and apart from performing in clubs on high-end DJ gear (the CDJ3000 is absolutely stunning), I do have a digital DJ controller at home (DDJ-SB2). I also still have a Denon DJ mixer and a set of Technics turntables which I sometimes use.

I finally cut the knot to buy new gear (when stock is due, y'know, chips being short) somewhere in October and I'm looking into getting a more prof setup at home, just to match the big toys I'm using at gigs.

Now, I'm not thát into the tech stuff when it comes to DJ'ing and audio, although I'm a computerhardware-nerd myself.

I'm looking into the DDJ-1000 which suits my needs, mainly because I can use my good old original Technics with that device. I'm also looking in getting my own RMX-1000 to match the mixing I do in clubs, at home.

Now, I've seen many topics about less expensive gear with either Rekordbox or Serato DJ (I've been using SDJ since 2016) and mostly there are issues recording all effects coming from the RMX-1000.

How about the DDJ-1000 ? Will Rekordbox record the RMX-1000 effects ? And what about the DDJ-1000SRT (which I actually want, but the Rekordbox-version will do just fine as well, I think).

I hope the wonderful users here (or a Pioneer DJ-employee or mod/admin) can help me out here. Otherwise I have to look at something else. If I need another controller, I'm fine with that too.

If I need a standalone mixer, would the A&H XONE 43C work ? I can get that one from my buddy for a supersmall price (I prefer the digital controller though, for home use). Or I can takeover his DDJ-RZX for under 1200 bucks. He just quit DJ'ing a year ago and only focuses on producing.

I have a budget up to 2500 per October this year. Thanks in advance.

With regards,
Me :)

PS¹: Any high-pitched techno DJ's from the eastern part of the Netherlands around here ? 
PS²: Please do not refer to another topic, I especially want to know whether it's possible with the DDJ-1000(SRT).

Youri HL

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The reality is that without a proper Send/Return you will have a very tough time using the RMX-1000 with the DDJ-1000 or SRT.  I have tried the RMX with a DDJ-SX2 and it can only be used through the output of the master and then inputting the signal back to a channel, BUT it causes a feedback loop and hum to occur.   You could run rekordbox in DVS with vinyl and a send/return mixer and do that.

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Hey Jay, alright. What DJ controller would you then suggest ?
I'm in the market for high-end stuff, not for mid/low-range controllers/mixers.

How about when I send everything through an external audiosource or so ?
Or will that conflict with RB/SDJ ? 

Thanks in advance. 

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