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Use more outputs on DDJ-800 at the same time

Dear Pioneer DJ,

I would need advise for my DDJ-800 controller. I'm a new user of DDJ-800 with less experience.

I'll have an event where I would like to use two outputs, Master and Booth, but for Booth I have an simple active speaker with unbalanced input (stereo jack) only. For Master I'll have speakers with balanced XLR inputs.

How to connect 2nd monitors with unbalanced input only?

1. Can I use the DDJ-800 Booth output for unbalanced inputs? Just to connect with an TS jack? Can this have a risk to damage the controller or the speaker? (or only lower volume and noise perhaps)

2.Can I use two Master outputs at the same time? Connect main speakers by XLR and connect 2nd speaker by RCA at Master 2 at the same time? Is this have a risk to damage the controller?

Which option would you recommend, 1 or 2?

Many thanks in advance!

Gabor Abuzant Answered

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You can use both master outputs simultaneously, they are just controlled through the one volume knob.

I'd recommend using the master and booth outputs. Just adapt the connectors if necessary, it won't damage anything, and then you have separate volume controls.

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