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XDJ RX2 - Beat Jump pad bug

Hi there,

I have a bug on my XDJ-RX2 that I hope you can help me with.

As soon as I turn on the unit, on Channel 2, the Beat Jump lights up yellow, and the far right two pads (D and H) also light up yellow. The lights remain on even when nothing is loaded into either track (See the picture below for how it looks).

When I load a track into Channel 2 and start playing - if I have hot cues in the track - the hot cues of those two pads (D and H) don't work. Also, it randomly jumps to those hot cues, without me being able to stop it.

I have updated the firmware: the problem is still there.

I hope you can help because right now the random jumping makes it completely unusable.

Thank you so much in advance!




Michael Lane

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