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Pro dj link and expanded setup

Hey 😀 I have a tricky question, and this seems like the right place to ask. I have 1 Djm900nxs2, 2 xdj1000mk2 and one toraiz sp-16. They all work flawlessly together in pro dj link. But here is the tricky part. If i buy an additional Xdj xz, will they all work together in pro dj link and i can assign deck 1-4 across mixers? The connection will be like this: Both Xdj1000mk2, the Djm900nxs2 and the toraiz sp-16 goes directly into the ethernet switch. So will the xdj xz from the extension ethernet port or both of the channel 3 & 4 ethernet slots. So the setup will be using 5 or 6 ports in the switch. But the toraiz does not count as a player, because it can't take over the master bpm, it just collects bpm from the players, so it wont take up one of the 4 maximum pro dj link slots. Neither will the Djm900nxs2. So 4 decks in total. So then assigning decks 1-4 it would be 1 & 2 from the Xdj1000mk2s, and 3 & 4 from the xdj xz. And it will be all run from a computer in rekordbox export mode ofcourse. The xdj xz will run as 2 additional decks with its own mixer. This should theoretically work right? I have drawn a diagram here: https://ibb.co/h1NhRd4
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Short answer: no.

There are certain combinations of gear that will work to "expand" the workflow, however the XDJ-XZ and DJM-900NXS2 are effectively trying to compete for the same mixer function. You could use the XDJ1000's with the XZ and that would be fine.

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Ok, thank you for a quick answer. That's what i thought also, it won't work with 2 mixers connected in pro dj link, because they will not cooperate. However, it would bee great if this setup did work. Because then I could
#1: play alone on 4 decks and 2 mixers, #2: play B2B 2 decks 1 mixer each or #3: have a partial portable setup, like; take the xdj xz, toraiz and the rmx1000 if I needed for a gig without destroying my whole studio.
I know that I can use the Xdj1000mk2s on the ethernet ports on the xdj xz for 2 additional decks, but I do already have everything on that picture plus an ddj sp1, but i haven't purchased the xdj xz yet. Because connecting the Xdj1000mk2 to a xdjz xz would make my Djm900nxs2 excessive.
You can check out my studio here, so you get the idea.. I wanted to swap the turntables for extra digital decks.

So there is absolutely no way to set one mixer as master and the other one as a slave like the toraiz sp-16, or just collecting bpm over midi for example?

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