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DDJ 800 - Muted volume on right deck when using 4 decks

I had a weird situation last night while playing a set on the 800 - I decided to use all 4 decks, turned it on in Rekordbox, and for the first 4 or 5 songs, it worked great, having songs loaded on all four decks and working back and forth between them. But then as I introduced the upcoming song on the right deck, the volume was like 20% of normal - this continued for any song played from the right deck, whether it was considered deck 2 or deck 4. The left deck volume worked fine for decks 1 and 3. It went back to normal after I reverted to 2 decks in Rekordbox. 

Any idea what happened or what I can do to address it if I want to use 4 decks?


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