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Help needed - Cant get CDJ850 to control recordbox

** Urgent help needed **

Hi - have a first party tonight and went this morning for a sound check. There is a DJM750 which works fine - but two CDJ850's which are really really run down (platter does not respond all the time, cue button sometimes does not work, screen not reliable).

I am normally comfortable playing from USB - but in this case - want to have recordbox in HID mode as a back up.

However, when I connect the USB - and put the CDJ in PC mode- what happens is that my PC audio is output through the CDJ into the mixer (so that is already great I guess). But I cannot control recordbox through the 850.

I must be missing some kind of setting - or do I not have the right recordbox plan ( I have the free version that unlocks through my DDJ400) ?

Thank you in advance !

K K Answered

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The DJM-750 (original model) is not a hardware-unlock device and would require a subscription for a plan to allow for HID control from the CDJs.

The DDJ-400 unlocks the software when it's in use, but that doesn't mean the software is unlocked when using the DJM-750. Sorry.

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