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No master volume DDJ 1000


The master volume on my ddj 1000 has stopped working - does this mean that the knob is broken? it seems fine and is not loose at all. It was previously working but i havent used it for a few months.

things i have tried:

rekordbox 5 & 6 - macoS monteray - neither work - has never worked on this device.

rekordbox 5 macOS big sur - doesn't work - used to work on this device

using the latest firmware 1.12 and the latest audio driver for mac

I also tried adding a midi mapping as per the post below - but when i try to use the learn function the knob isn't detected. other knobs are detected.


Is there anything else software related that would stop the master volume knob from working?

siliconeagle Answered

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So i have no way at all to control the master volume - as the system driver on the mac has the volume control disabled.

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