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Major Professional Plan Dropbox issue

I was using the Creative Dropbox plan since it's inception.  A few months ago I upgraded to the Professional plan, which "includes a Dropbox Team account", or so it claim.  The problem is, I can't use any functions of the Dropbox team account because I'm not an admin on the account.  I created a ticket with Dropbox and they informed me that the team admin is:


So rekordbox as a compay has administrative access to everything I have in Dropbox (as well as everyone else using the Professional plan).  On top of that, we lose much of the benefit of the "Team Dropbox Plan" if we are not an admin on our own account.  There is no circumstance in which this is ok, especially having access to everyone's files.  It's also false advertising.

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The Dropbox account included with the rekordbox Professional plan is a team account, administered by Pioneer DJ. Nowhere in our marketing materials or support documentation does it indicate that you have any ability to administer your Dropbox account beyond the standard user-level settings and controls. I regret that this may not be to your expectation or liking, however this is not too different from having user-level access on any administered group account -- a perfect example of that would be that I, as a Zendesk user, don't have the ability to administer the user accounts or billing rights on our platform.

Additionally, I'll point out that the cost of the Professional plan is $30/mo vs. the Creative plan's $15/mo. So for the extra $15, you're gaining an unlimited capacity Dropbox Business account... which, if you were to try and purchase yourself, would be $24/user/month with a minimum of 3 users on the account. If you would prefer to administer the account yourself, and gain access to the additional features and controls of a Business account, you're able to do so and use the rekordbox Creative plan. The only features you're really missing out on are:

  • Dropbox Paper
  • Team's shared space
  • Group

The Pioneer DJ / AlphaTheta policy is that we will not access user data, see the privacy policy here. This is no different than Dropbox having access to your data as a customer of their service -- they have no need / interest in accessing your personal files.

If you are a Professional plan subscriber, and no longer agree to the rekordbox and Dropbox terms of service that you accepted as part of the subscription, you are welcome to cancel your account and our support team can assist you with that on the ticket you currently have open.

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