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DDJ-REV1 Jog Wheel Tracking Issue

I recently picked up a new DDJ-REV1 and am having some trouble with the left jog wheel tracking very slowly. 

When seeking in a track or attempting to scratch, it only moves the tracking head maybe 1/10th the speed it should, rendering that side of the controller pretty much useless. 

I'm using the included USB cable, going into a powered USB-C hub. I've tried on three different computers, one Mac laptop, one Windows laptop, and one Windows desktop, all with powered USB hubs.

I have a video showing the difference in the two here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k93b6absqdimw7n/Video%20Aug%2031%2C%205%2047%2043%20PM.mov?dl=0

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Looks like you've disabled VINYL mode; press the SHIFT + DECK3 buttons on the left deck to toggle it back on.

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I have same problem somitimes on my rev1 but in the right deck and already try shift + deck 4 but dont work.

Ho lo stesso problema con la mia rev1 ma sul deck destro, non capita spesso ma puntualmente quando vado a suonare :S

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