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XDJ RX3 - Pre-Listening with Rekordbox / Vorhören mit Rekordbox

It's about pre-listening from Rekordbox via the RX3.

I connected the RX3 to my MacBook via USB.
Rekordbox is in export mode and is used as a database via Pro DJ Link.

With my DDJ-1000, which I had before, I could easily pre-listen from Rekordbox to the DJ headphones via the USB connection, even in performance mode.
This is now not possible with the RX3.

Or is it?

How can I preview my tracks in Rekordbox on the RX3 via USB connection? What do I have to set?
Channel 1 and Channel 2 are always displayed as the sound card.
No headphone channel.

I ask for help.


Es geht um das Vorhören aus Rekordbox über den RX3.

Angeschlossen habe ich den RX3 per USB an mein MacBook.
Rekordbox ist im Export-Mode und wird per Pro-DJ-Link als Datenbank genutzt.

Mit meinem DDJ-1000, welchen ich vorher hatte, konnte ich über die USB Verbindung auch im Performance Modus einfach aus Rekordbox auf die DJ Kopfhörer vorhören.
Dies geht nun mit dem RX3 nicht.

Oder doch?

Wie kann ich per USB Verbindung meine Tracks in Rekordbox auf dem RX3 vorhören? Was muss ich einstellen?
Als Soundkarte wird mir stets nur Kanal 1 und Kanal 2 angezeigt.
Kein Kopfhörer Kanal.

Ich bitte um Hilfe.

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Can you please post a screenshot of your rekordbox audio configuration page(s)?

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I have tried this along with others and it is not working. When you are in export mode (pro dj link) and are playing a track in the rekordbox deck, you cannot preview that in any way on the RX3 though the USB connection, the only way i got this to work is set RB to headphone output and run a aux cable to line 1 or 2

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1. HID Mode

2. Pro DJ Link

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Is there any update to this topic Pioneer? I'm also having this issue. Whenever I'm playing tracks from my computer I have to initiate the preview through the computer. I'll hear it through the controller but this is honestly a pain to switch between the computer and then back to the controller. Most of the time I end up just flying blind if I'm playing tracks from my PC instead of a USB.

Also I've noticed that filtering tracks through the controller is totally useless. The controller wont show sorted tracks but Rekordbox on the computer will. 

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I think, I'm looking for the same feature, to preview songs on headphones with laptop in export mode linked with XDJ RX3

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