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Showing Cue points E F G H on XDJ-RX1

So I am prepping my set at a small festival for next week. I will be playing on an XDJ-RX1 controller. I have made visuals which I will trigger at specific moments using a MIDI controller. Now I have setup Cuepoint in color blue to mark the timing where I want to trigger a visual.


My question; Since the RX1 only supports 4 Hot Cues, Will it show the orhter 4? Eventhough I cannot acces them on the controller? Or will they be hidden? And if they show, will they show in the correct color?
This would save me a massive headache. nowing I can distinctly and easily spot my visual cues and trigger them on the MIDI controller.

Any answers are much appreciated!

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Sorry, the RX1 would only show the 4 hot cues. If you want the others visible, convert them to MEMORY cue points.

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