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Strange behaviour: BPM offset between Rekordbox Export Mode, XDJ Player and File

Hey folks,

Why is the BPM in rekordbox export mode (6.6.4), the player (XDJ 1000MKII), and the Soundfile not the same?

In rekordbox on mac I manually set the correct BPM to 142. I even locked the BPM because its definitely the correct BPM as you can see even the producer wrote it down in the filename.  

Rekordbox added the BPM, as expected, to the file informations. Those informations are correctly displayed in the player.

But the player wants to play it at totally random and wrong 126.3 BPM.

As you see I didn't manually changed the speed.

Its the same for all my three XDJ 1000 MKII Players (latest firmware).

Maybe the same issue as here.

Thanks for your advises!


Malte Buttjer

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A number stored in the BPM metadata value of a song doesn't mean that's the tempo analysed by rekordbox. Have you checked the grid?

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