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Seven suggestions to implement in Rekordbox

Personal suggestions in order of priority to implement in RB:

  1. WARNING MESSAGE WHEN CLOSING THE SOFTWARE, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT IS RUNNING OR NOT - This is a security issue. Today, if the software is idle and we click on the X to close it, it simply closes and doesn't ask to confirm.

  2. SORT MUSIC LIST IN TWO COLUMNS (ARTIST + SONG, ARTIST + BPM, SONG + ALBUM, ETC) - Currently, only one column is sorted, the others are shuffled. A conditional option to organize the collection including more than one column would be interesting.

  3. DELETE SONGS PHYSICALLY FROM HD/SSD WHEN EXCLUDED FROM THE COLLECTION - When deleting a song from the collection, there is a question to confirm. It could have an option box suggesting to delete it from HD/SSD as well and send it to the recycle bin.

  4. START IN FULL SCREEN MODE - Every time we open RB, it enters windowed mode. An option for it to always start in full screen would be very welcome.

  5. COLORED SOUND KEYS - The key column today displays the tone keys only in white. Putting each key in a color following the Cammelot Circle would be great and would help a lot visually.

  6. FIND DUPLICATE FILES IN THE COLLECTION - This would be a very welcome feature. Currently, we have few softwares that do a good job and that are really worthwhile, but there is the process of exporting/importing the collection that ends up being very annoying and causes side effects. This is the case with Lexicon. There is Similarity, but it is not that efficient and has no reference to the collection within the RB.

  7. FADED GRIDS IN WAVEFORM - I'm one of those people who doesn't like the grid, but I know it's necessary. Suddenly, an option to make it more faded would be nice, similar to what exists in Traktor.


I understand that the team of developers work hard to deliver more and more stable software, but looking deeper into customer requests is a good way to go. I've been working with DJing software for 20 years and I followed the evolution of several of them and it would be great to bring the best of them to RB, thus, making it better and more solid.

I offer to be a BETA TESTER for Pioneer DJ. I've already helped some companies to develop their software like Mixed In Key.



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1 - When a track is still playing in Performance mode it asks you if you are sure to close the program as there is still a track playing. 

2 - Gets my vote, though the track filter and tag filter get you a similar result. 

3 - Having this as a third option is great next to remove from playlist, remove from collection and remove from computer. 

4 - I asked this question once. i forgot what the answer was why it couldn't be done. 

5 - Gets my vote, at least as an option to chose between default and coloured like with the hot cues

6 - As Rekordbox started out as a music management tool something like this would be nice. But scan for similar names and tags as well so you can remove lower quality files. And not just the same file type/name at a different location like most programs do. 

7 - Nice to have it as an option

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