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Add Ableton Link support to the DJS-1000 - And don't just immediately close this post

Dear Pulse, 

Thank you for taking the time to read my last post. I appreciate you taking the time to respond, although based on your response, you didn't actually read my request. I did not ask about Pro Link performance mode nor did I ask for a midi solution. I asked Pioneer to consider updating their outdated software, 2 years since an update, and to include support for Ableton Link. This would be in addition to the support for ProLink, not a replacement. 

I, like many others, would like to see Ableton Link support added directly to the Pioneer DJ sampler line, including the DJS-1000 and the Toraiz. There are numerous posts on the forum, see below, requesting the feature. Instead of simply shutting it down with "use midi" or "Pro link is better" perhaps take a moment to let this discussion continue, as it should because that's what forums are for. Would it really hurt you, or Pioneer, to allow others to share their voice in asking for this feature to be added directly to the hardware? Also, the hardware has not seen a firmware update in 2 years. It's time for an update.

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The comment was received, but we have no further information to provide, which was why the topic was closed. Thank you for your feedback.

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