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DDJ 200 audio connection problems with MacBook

I recently bought a DDJ-200 and have been using it with my macbook air M1 in-built speakers with no problem. 

However, when I tried to connect headphones and an external speaker it was impossible. If I go into the Rekordbox audio settings it doesn't give me the option to connect the speaker, only the headphones. 

I have already tried with two different speakers, I have turned on the splitter button and it does not work, I have not been able to find an answer in this forum either. 

Is there any solution you can think of? Or if not, is there a possibility to use the in-built speakers but with pre-listening on headphones?


Pablo Neupert

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I understand you've tried using the splitter, but are you saying that neither of the outputs from the splitter function?

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Tips to fix-

1. Check the Volume First

2. Choose the Right Audio Device

3. Reset the Core Audio

4. Sound Not Working Due to Major Updates and Third-Party Apps

5. Reset the NVRAM



Rachel Gomez

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