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DDJ-1000 Output Quality - affected by Dolby Atmos / Soundblaster Cinema


Question: Does Dolby Atmos or Soundblster Cinema or something similear affects the Sound that comes out of the DDJ-1000.

I assume NO, because the DDJ-1000 has a dedicated Soundcard afaik.

The Reason for my question is: I switch from a Notebook with Dolby Atmos to a Notebook with Soundblaster Cinema+ .... On my new Notebook it seems to me the sound is more crisp and the highs and mids are more present.

but how can this be ? ...  I think Dolby Atmos / Soundblaster ... doesn`t effekt the quality of the sound of DDJ-1000 "puts" out.

Maybe during importing the mp3 in the Rekordbox Database ??

anyone has a Idea ?





Actually I have a new Laptop

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