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Missing file manager / duplicates

I just updated to Professional plan thinking this was going to be a great tool. Boy was I wrong. Once drop box got installed and my backups started over 1k songs in my library were no longer playable and I had duplicates everywhere. Similar to the posts above.

Basically I now have duplicates with the explanation mark on one duplicate that does not play and the other plays as normal. The problem is, for some unknown reason, when drop box was COPYING my files to the drop box folder the folder path in my existing playlists changed to this new path without my involvement at all.

So now, my existing playlists have over 1k songs either at it's original location or new location in drop box folder BUT these files will not play in the drop box folder even when chosing relocate auto or manual as it says it is already in the collection.


So here is the main dilemma, as a test I removed a file that had the explanation mark and did not exist in the new location and it removed from old play lists I have not touched in years so clearly there was a corruption. As you can see in my screen shots, this is an example of 1 track and it's duplicate and how the duplicate is located in 2 playlists and the correct track is only available in 1 playlist. So if I delete the duplicate in the wrong location it will be removed from 2 playlists and the correct track will only be in 1 playlist.


So if I do a mass delete on all of these tracks in Rekordbox, then I will have no idea where they will be removed from unless I go into every track and find the playlists they were in and re-import them in.


Please let me know if there is a fix for this as I have gigs coming up and no idea how to proceed. I am ready to uninstall and quit my plan and ask for a refund because this has been nothing short of a nightmare that I paid $300 for.


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