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cdj-3000 usb full

when I add a cue point / memory  on USB..it show "USB FULL"
I am sure that my SSD drive have lots of space on it..
any way to solve this problem?
thank you 

waix waix

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I had a simular problem when using an sd card with the cdj 3000. When trying to save a new cue point the player reported that the card was write protected but the HW switch on the card was set to allow writing to the card. The reason of the error message was actually that the card had some file system errors on it. Repairing file system of the card using the computer solved the problem. It still would be nice if the player would correctly report the reason why it can not write to the sd card or even better if it would tolerate some file system inconsistencies (the computer had no problem writing to the card with the discussed file system errors).

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