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Rekordbox DJ - carousel view and key sync

It would be great if there were the option to have a 'carousel' type view to browse through tracks in playlists. I think it would work best as split screen window and would display have the track information and artwork (like the old ipod) - tracks would be loaded into a deck as they would with the current 'list' view. This would be great for people like myself who have come from the vinyl/cd world who are used to choosing tracks whilst flipping through a recordbox or CD wallet.

The other idea I'd love to see (which I hope is already in the pipeline) would be key sync or adjust functionality, similar to which already exists in Serato. If this was released it would be great for you to release a patch (or instructions) for how to map buttons on existing controllers to this function (adjust beatgrid would be my preference) given this is on the new DDJ SZ2.

Keep up the great work!



James Gordon

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Yeah. Key match has been requested quite a few times in this forum. I'd love to see it!

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