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Is all about the software and make things happen:

- Software-based mono output thru L channel -industry standard-
- Full Pioneer Link: XDJ-RX TO: CD / XDJ Players and -->TORAIZ SYNC<--
- Full HID Support
- Full song analysis on load
- FIX some stability issues

- Quantized based Move / Transport (this could be madded with some shit + "some key" shortcut

And some hardware wishes for next christmas in a V2:

- SD Card reader
- Touchscreen
- Touchstrip

- SND / RTN <-----------------
- Full 6 effects color filters as DJM 900
- AUX 3rd line channel ?

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Our product planning and engineering teams are working hard at looking to the future and how we can incorporate new features and technology into our new products, while still providing support and critical functionality updates to our older models.

Mark Gallo
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I would include having the controller support loop roll, Camelot notation and support the hot cue bank.

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Also, there are some very clear beat matching/sync issues the XDJ-RX has, either due to users not clearly understanding how to use the controller or not. There are several posts that attest to this in this forum. One way to tackling this could be for Pioneer to come up with some dedicated videos (not the current stuff that just shows features) on how to troubleshoot and fix some of the issues that seem to be due to a knowledge gap. That way everyone will be happy. My 50 cents....

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