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New XDJ-RX2 & XDJ-RZX All-in-one units & Rekordbox Cloud suggestion



I really like Pioneer XDJ-RX and see users are quite happy with it's reliability. Before DDJ-SX I had XDJ-Aero but wasn't satisifed with it. It crashed several times when playing in small venues and at that time Rekordbox was not supporting Playlists, so it was not the product I could trust.

Since XDJ-RX is much, much better than little brother Aero, the XDJ-RX2 or XDJ-RZX will be my next buy, however I would wish it to be a little bit improved and I will probably wait for the next version. I hope it will be released at the beggining of 2017 and by the end of the tax year 2016 ;).

XDJ-RX2 unit:

- touch screen (NXS2) with QWERTY keyboard for quicker search covering needle search

- still 2 channels

- beat jump

- DJM CUE style

- it should have BEAT FX like DJM900NXS2

- it should have COLOUR FX like DJM900NXS2

- it should have an option of 3/4 for BEAT FX, which with SPIRAL, is greatly missing

- improve the sound of some effects like SPIRAL. It is far from the DJM900

- WiFi

- Price not exceeding £1400


XDJ-RZ Professional Unit with additional functionality to the above unit

- DDJ-RZ/CDJ2000NX2 jogwheels

- DDJ-RZ size and style, but less laptop required

- 4 channels

- performance pads (DDJ-RZ / RX) size
- HID for VINYL control over Rekordbox DJ

- Sound quality like CDJ/DJM 2000 NXS2

- 1 screen to keep the price down

- WiFi

- Price not exceeding £1850



- add payable Cloud option for DJs to store their analysed tunes online as a backup and to be able to access the library direclty from the XDJ units over WiFi


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