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It looks like many are frustrated with Pioneer with there minor update allowing 8 beat jump only if you utilize the ddj sp1.  I was one of the early adopters of the cdj 2000 nxs2 and sold them instantly because it was so hard to justify the crazy price. So I am currently happy with a djm 900 nxs2 and two xdj 1000 mk2.  

A lot of features that denon implemented on there new prime are features that many djs like myself have asked in the past years.  I would like to help Pioneer with what to work on that I think djs such as myself would want on the next CDJ/XDJ units.  I have looked back at my old emails to Pioneer higher ups and here are the features that currently I have yet to be seen on Pioneer.   

1. Needle jump feature, which allows djs to touch any part of the strip of a track and the track would jump to the closes down beat.  For further precision the user could do a "Hard press" on the unit which would pop up a red line which the user could slide to the nearest down beat of the track and let go and it would jump while the track is playing and it would be quantized.  

2. Allow the hot cue banks to layer over existing track (or just add duel deck mode).  

3. Allow customization of wave forms to different neon vibrant colors to personalize there units as well as function as visual cues.  Djs can edit a whole tracks wave form via colors such as orange are for builds, purple for break downs green for drives ect...

4.  Allow a customizable sample bank that can also sample on the fly.  It could be saved on the unit itself, this mainly would function for professional mobile djs to keep there drops or scratch samples to be ready to play at a gig.  Also it could function as a way to sample mashups that are created via hot cues banks or dual deck mode on the fly and can play back quantized.  This would have great remixing on the fly capabilities. 

5. Audition tracks when in the search field, this would be a great feature which could save djs some time when searching for the right track.  Also this feature would help when djs have more than one remix of a certain track and can't remember which to choose. This would be a huge feature in my opinion right up there with analyzing tracks on the unit itself which by the way I tried to push Pioneer to do some years back. 

6. Beat jump markers, which would allow the user to add a jump marker so when the track approaches the marker it would jump to whatever marker the user set up to jump to.  The jumps do not have to be linear so essentially the function allows djs to edit and save there tracks which would play back how they want it changing the whole dynamic and structure of a track to there preferences.  To help with memory usage maybe an sd card could save all the editing information.  Djs should also have the option to play the track in its original linear form or play the edited version with out having to delete the edits.  

I have more ideas but I think if you could implement these functions along with what Denon has already implemented on there prime units then you would have a unit that really would excite the dj world just like the Denon primes have in the past weeks. 



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For the Pioneer dj moderators I just notice you have a section dedicated to ideas could you move this there didn't see till after posted. 

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