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Exporting playlist to Folder

just as most others I sort out my entire library trough rekordbox playlists, since i also use non pioneer decks which means that i cant export to the USB's the same way is there a way to export the playlists onto a folder? It would help greatly and any suggestion is appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 

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rekordbox isn't designed for that. Have you considered using iTunes and then using the sync manager to sync iTunes playlists to rekordbox? From iTunes you could then drag-and-drop them from iTunes to a folder on your USB drive.

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I have a simple way in case someone need:

In Windows:

1. Download Aimp:

2. In Rekordbox, right click in the playlist you want to export. Export your playlist to a M3U (supported by Rekordbox)

3.Open that playlist with Aimp

4. Select all files in Aimp and drag to a folder. All files will be coppied.

In Mac the steps are the same, but instead of using Aimp, you need to use Vox:


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