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HDJ 2000 MK2 Faulty twice in a year

My HDJ2000 MK2 became faulty, right side ear kept cutting out after a few months. They were repaired under the warranty but now its happened again and the reseller is saying its my fault as the wires inside have frayed yet there is no wear or tear to the outside. I have asked for a new pair which he doesnt want to give. He will repair it 1 final time but I just feel it will come up with the same issue again and in the meantime I have no headphones to use for the past 2 weeks.

I find this ridiculous that the flagship pair of Pioneer headphones are having these issues. I use them for normal DJiing use maybe once or twice a week but these headphones are made for DJing.and to be blamed for wires that have become faulty inside is pathetic. What will Pioneer do about this?





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The retailer should not be performing the repair.  If something is being repaired and the same problem occurs, the "repair" is likely the issue.

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