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DJM-S9 Fader synth LFO fix (request)

Hello, I have found a bug when using the fader synth on current firmware 1.07.

When in phono mode with the the fader synth enabled on either channel 1/2. With the fx enabled you can turn on the LFO by holding shift and pressing the left Parameter button [<].  The LED feedback on the button and the Performance pads LCD shows that the LFO is ON. You must then hold shift then press a pad to select your LFO rate in order for the filter knob to take control of the LFO amount.

When you turn the FX off then back on again, the LFO will still show as being on, via the Parameter [<] button and the LCD. AT this stage the LFO stops working and but still shows as ON. The LFO will not work until the LFO ON is reset using shift + [<].

Many thanks, I am happy to provide a more detailed description of the bug with video if requested.



Nicholas Caris

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